Medica Home Health Ventures strive to be the most trusted provider of Home Health Care Solutions in India.

Home is where the healing happens and assisted healing at home is identified as a critical aspect in long term healing. Medica Home Health Ventures provide bouquet of health care services for patients in medical need. We avail service of qualified nursing, paramedical and other medical professionals for patients in need and involve in the process of assisted healing. At Medica Home Health Ventures, we aim to bring quality health care to our patrons, offering them comfort and convenience to the right where they feel the best- their home.

Critical Care

Critical care services meet the needs of patients facing an immediate life-threatening health condition-specifically, that in which vital system organs are at risk of failing.

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Home visit

Medica has a brigade of Medical practitioners, Physiotherapists and dieticians associated with us, whose services are available to the patients in need at their home.

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Geriatric Care

Nursing care for the elderly doesn't only require skills but pure compassion and understanding. Elderly patients commonly have medical conditions that require a

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Motherhood is the most beautiful phase in a woman's life and the whole family cherishes this phase. But the challenges that come along with motherhood can be quite distressing, especially

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Post Surgical

Postoperative care begins immediately after surgery. It lasts for the duration of your hospital stay and may continue after you've been discharged. The type of postoperative care you need

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Management of recovery of persons suffering from stroke, amnesia and dementia requires specialized skill sets and the care giver has to take utmost care while working for recovery of these patients.

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Especially for people with Amnesia and Dementia from conditions such as Alzheimer's and related diseases have a progressive biological brain disorder that makes it more and more

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A proven method for recovery from many a complications right from stroke through rheumatic complexities and respiratory ailments, Ayurveda therapy is a highly sought after service.

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Palliative Care

The specialized care for the terminally ill and their families, palliative care is a specialized service provided by an organized health service provider.

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